Second-hand Yachts selection tips

A second hand yacht can be as shiny as a new constructed one. However, there are some factors that you should take into consideration so that your choice will not turn into a nightmare. Yachting Alliance’s experienced yacht brokers have prepared a list with some of the things you should pay attention to in case you decide to invest your money in a second hand yacht.

• Is the yacht of your interest, the yacht of your dreams? Does it have the facilities you want?
• After you decide that the yacht of your interest is exactly the one that you look for, inspect the vessel both internally and externally in order to check its condition.
• Require the yacht’s historical details and use. Check the builders of the yacht and if they are still in business in case you need any replacement parts.
• Check if its onboard systems work properly.
• Check the yacht’s certifications and maintenance records. It is important to know whether the yacht of your interest has been through periodical inspections and has been proved safe for navigation.
• You should also examine whether its records and certifications are in date.
• Require a sea trial to check its performance.
• Compare it with other yachts to make sure that it is worth your investment.

However, you should always remember that Yachting Alliance’s yacht brokers are highly qualified and always willing to give you the best advice and provide you with the best options according to your yachting needs.